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TeamSpeak 3 server

Is filetransfer enabled on my server?

Please contact our support department to enable filetransfer on your server.

Do you make backups?

Yes, we do have backups in place so we can restore your TeamSpeak 3 server in case of a server crash. However it is not possible to restore individual servers when asked for.

Do you have a public TeamSpeak 3 server ?

Yes, we our own public server located at:

How can i use my privilege key?

You can use your privilege key via the following steps:

1) Go Permissions -> Use Privilege Key
2) Enter your privilge key that you received via email or created via the dashboard.

Can i get Admin Server Query rights?

No, only Voicenode staff has access to the Admin Server Query group. You always have full control over your own server via de Server Admin group.

What can i do if i lose my admin rights?

You can always create a new privilege key for the server admin group in the dashboard.

Server Status: • Operational